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About Jonah Probell

Hello. I am Jonah Probell. 普仲朗 ジョナ プロベル 조나 프로벨


I am a writer and an expert in the field of semiconductor intellectual property. I write patent applications as well as papers and other technical documents. Since 1998 I have done development engineering, sales, and marketing for my own startup and several other small companies. My experience is particularly in processors, network-on-chip interconnects, and digital video. For a list of my published writing [click here]. On LinkedIn you can view my resume.

I was employee 23 at Lexra. I was a founder of Ultra Data, developer of the first programmable processor capable of HD H.264 video decode. The Ultra Data intellectual property assets were acquired at the end of 2004. I led a group of designers known as YAP IP. I was chair of the technical committee for the Synopsys Users Group in Silicon Valley. I worked for Arteris in technical sales and writing patent applications. Presently I work for SoundHound, developing a valuable patent portfolio. I am working on a new edition of my book, Patenting for the Small Company.


I seek to broaden my horizons. I often learn everything that I can about something new. Wikipedia is my favorite web site. I enjoy technical writing and teaching because that is the best way to learn a subject thoroughly. I never lie.

I love that I have diverse friends and acquaintances. I view strangers as friends that I have yet to meet. I enjoy helping others but avoid asking for help. I do not know whether God exists and I am satisfied with my ignorance on the matter. I will take either side for the sake of a good debate.

I like to bike. I used to play in a small band ♪. I have also been known to enjoy canoeing, building stone walls, and working on my friends’ dairy farm. I am selective about what organizations I join.

I love to travel, have been to almost every state in the USA, have been to many nations of the world, and have a friends in each place. Though I walk the earth, I spend most of my my time in Silicon Valley. I own only what I need. Though I shun materialism, I earn a living from it. Though I design digital video processors, I own no television set. I am also licensed ham radio operator N1QLO.

I enjoy trying new languages, but I know only one fluently. Lately I am studying Mandarin Chinese. I speak and write with the best English grammar of anyone that I know. My vocabulary excludes words that would not be heard on the evening news. Secretly, though, my mind is as dirty as my language is clean. I enjoy limericks, word play, and thoughtful sayings but I hate puzzling over brain teasers.

For entertainment I enjoy listening to novel or classic music and occasionally going to a play, ballet, or movie. I especially like to see story lines that develop female characters. I like studying maps and I have a good sense of direction. I like sailing. I drive a stick shift and I can back up a trailer.

I am male ♂ and I was born under the sign of Gemini in the year of the yang fire dragon 龙. Click here to see old pictures of me.

P as in phare
R as in rye
O as in oeci
B as in bdellium
E as in ewe
double L as in llama

If your name is Probell then please let me know, especially if you are interested in having an email address ending in Otherwise, enjoy this site.

I can be reached at

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+1 408 475 0512