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I work as the IP Strategist in-house at SoundHound. SoundHound is a high-tech software company. The company has headquarters in Silicon Valley and engineering and business offices in at least 5 other cities around the world. SoundHound develops artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies that derive meaning from sound. That include recognition of recorded music, singing, speech, and natural language understanding. The Houndify technology provides for integrated virtual assistants within a wide variety of consumer devices, including automobiles.

I spend much of my time developing the company's patent portfolio. That involves harvesting ideas from inventors and performing due diligence on patentability and market value of inventions. Throughout my career, I have drafted dozens of patent applications, papers, and other writings for sharing knowledge.

My engineering background is in the field of semiconductor intellectual property. Specifically, I have worked on RISC and DSP processors for video codecs and supported network-on-chip IP users. Since 1998 I have done development engineering, sales, and marketing for my own startup and several other small companies.

At Lexra, in the late 90s, I learned about MIPS-RISC processors, delivering soft-core semiconductor IP while ARM was only doing hard-core, and the use of a patent lawsuits to kill competition. Next, I co-founded Ultra Data, developer of the first programmable processor capable of HD H.264 video decode. The Ultra Data IP assets were acquired at the end of 2004. Later, I worked for each of ARC and Tensilica, the competing pioneers in soft-core processors with configurable instruction sets. I aspired to get their video-optimized processors integrated into consumer chips. After fixed-function IP overtook programmable cores for video codecs, in 2008, I led a group of designers known as YAP IP in an unsuccessful attempt at an open RISC ISA project. As RISC-V took off, we wound down. In 2010 I joined Arteris to support chip makers integrating IPs using configurable network-on-chip interconnects. That is where I began my self education in patent practice.

Thoughtout those years I was a member of the Boston and Silicon Valley technical committees for the Synopsys Users Group and eventually chair in Silicon Valley. Currently I lead a monthly group for Discussion of Patents in Silicon Valley that caters to giving startups free education on patenting considerations relevant to their companies.


I seek to broaden my horizons. I often learn everything that I can about something new. Wikipedia is my favorite web site. I enjoy technical writing and teaching because that is the best way to learn a subject thoroughly. I never lie.

I love that I have diverse friends and acquaintances. I view strangers as friends that I have yet to meet. I enjoy helping others. I do not know whether God exists and I am satisfied with my ignorance on the matter. I will take either side for the sake of a good debate.

I like to bike. I tend a fine garden and putter on my house. I watch a lot of live theather. I used to play in a small band. I have also been known to enjoy sailing. I am selective about what organizations I join.

I love to travel, have been to almost every state in the USA, have been to many nations of the world, and have a friends in each place. Though I wander the earth, I spend most of my time in Silicon Valley. Though I shun materialism, I earn a living from it. Though I design digital video processors, I own no television set. I am also licensed ham radio operator N1QLO.

I enjoy trying new languages, but I know only one fluently. Lately I am studying Chinese. I speak and write with impeccable English grammar. My vocabulary excludes words that would not be heard on the evening news. I enjoy limericks, word play, thoughtful sayings, and general trivia. I like studying maps and I have a good sense of direction. I drive a stick shift and I can back up a trailer.

You can remember the spelling of my name using mnemonics.
P as in phare
R as in rye
O as in oeci
B as in bdellium
E as in ewe
double L as in llama

If your name is Probell then please let me know, especially if you are interested in having an email address ending in @probell.com. Otherwise, just enjoy this site.