Patenting for the Small Company

I wrote a concise book for small company executives setting up their organization and processes to maximize the efficiency of conversion of patenting budget to portfolio value.

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"The definitive guide for organizing a PATENTING team." -Thomas Alva Edison

"Jonah Probell unveils the secrets to building a valuable patent portfolio, while saving money." -Benjamin Franklin

"A mandatory desk reference for patent portfolio managers and small company executives alike." -Steve Jobs

Subject matter eligibility

Since the US Supreme Court ruling in Alice v CLS Bank in June, 2014, the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has been interpreting it in the context of many other patent lawsuits. The following document presents most of the claims analyzed by the Federal Circuit court on 101 eligibility grounds since the Alice ruling through the end of 2018 along with key excerpts of court opinions explaining their reasoning for their opinion on eligibility.

CAFC claims found 101 eligible and ineligible (PDF)

Discussion of Patents

I lead a monthly meetup at Hacker Dojo in Silicon Valley for Discussion of Patents.

National Association of Patent Practitioners

NAPP is an organization for US patent practitioners to share practice tips. I am a frequent contributor of both questions and answers in the member's forum.

Don't trust your patent lawyer

Law firms are businesses. Their interests are not the same as their clients'. These are a few briefs explaining how to question some common pieces of questionable advice.

The analogy of patents as bricks or stones in a defensive wall (PDF)

Whether to do a prior art search (PDF)

Whether to file a continuation or divisional application (PDF)